Entry to Japan

As we are unable to predict the COVID-19 situation during the meeting period, make sure to check both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) for the latest updates on entry into Japan.

Border measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) (MOFA)

Application for Visa for foreign nationals eligible for Phased Measures toward Resuming Cross-Border Travel (MOFA)

Border Measures Japan (MHLW)

Who is eligible to enter Japan?

Due to COVID-19, Japan has enforced strict border measures REQUIRING ALL FOREIGN NATIONALS TO PREPARE A VISA prior to entry. Currently, only those who meet both of the following conditions are eligible for entry to Japan.

1) Foreign nationals newly entering Japan for a short-term stay (less than three months) for purposes including business and employment or foreign nationals newly entering Japan for a long-term stay.
2) Those who are staying in Japan in (1) above and have a responsible person in Japan(The ICMFS2022 Secretariat will be responsible for receiving presenters entering Japan.)

Participants presenting at ICMFS 2022 meet both requirements.

*Although the entry ban for 106 countries has been lifted as of April 8, 2022, Japan is still closed to tourism and the above requirements remain in place.

Reference: https://www.mofa.go.jp/ca/fna/page4e_001053.html

Am I required to self-quarantine after entry?

As of March 1, 2022, regulations on the self-quarantine period and place of accommodation after entry into Japan will vary depending on the country/region you leave from, and if you have a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate.
If you have a valid vaccination certificate and are not entering Japan from the following designated countries, then you will not be required to self-quarantine after entry.

Designated countries/regions in response to coronavirus variant Omicron (B.1.1.529) (as of April 8, 2022)
Russia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Republic of Korea, Egypt, Pakistan, Vietnam
When the list of designated countries/regions is updated, we will announce it to participants from those countries /regions.

Reference: https://www.mhlw.go.jp/stf/covid-19/bordercontrol.html

Visa support for ICMFS2022

ICMFS2022 will be providing visa support for foreign nationals planning to attend the meeting on-site. Please read on for more information if you would like to attend on-site.

*Please note that there are many other requirements in addition to preparing a visa depending on your country/region. We highly recommend consulting with the Japanese Consulate/Embassy with jurisdiction over your country/region for details on other requirements in addition to visa application requirements.

Who is eligible for visa support?

We can provide visa assistance for the following participants at ICMFS2022.

  • Paid registrants for the conference

If you are one of the above, please follow the instructions below and send the necessary documents to icmfs2021@okicongre.jp.

For non-speakers at ICMFS2022

Our VISA support service is available to those who are not speaking but have completed registration and payment, and we will assist you in preparing documents for entry into Japan. Please contact us at icmfs2021@okicongre.jp.

Please be warned that individuals accompanying speakers who have not registered to ICMFS2022 and completed payment will NOT be considered eligible for VISA Support.

visa application process

STEP 1: Submit required documents

What you need to prepare:

  • Passport Photocopy (PDF or image)
  • ICMFS2022 Registration Payment Confirmation (PDF or image)
  • Your occupation (To be shown on the Letter of Invitation, etc.)
  • The official name of the Japanese Embassy/Consulate with jurisdiction over your residential area
  • Your mailing address and phone number
  • Tentative flight arrival/departure information including flight time, flight number, etc.
  • Your planned hotel name (see Accomodation page for more info)

Submit the above documents to ICMFS2022 Secretariat at icmfs2021@okicongre.jp.
Note: Failure to provide the necessary documents may result in the delay of your application process.

STEP 2: We will prepare your visa application documents

What we will prepare:

  • ICMFS2022 Acceptance Letter
  • Letter of Invitation
  • Itinerary during your stay in Japan
  • The certificate for completion of registration to the Entrants, Returnees Follow-up System (ERFS)

IMPORTANT:We are not able to assist with visa applications that are NOT for the purpose of attending ICMFS2022. If you are visiting Japan for a reason other than to attend ICMFS2022, you are responsible for making the necessary arrangements for those extra days yourself.

STEP 3: Shipping

We will mail your visa application documents by courier.

Please note that due to COVID-19, international shipping may take longer than normal. A tracking number will be provided to you for your reference once the package is shipped.

IMPORTANT:We will send your package to the mailing address provided in the e-mail in STEP 1. Please make sure that you provide an accurate and complete address as well as a phone number.Incorrect or insufficient information may result in the delay or the return of your package.

STEP 4: Submitting documents

Submit your visa application documents to the Japanese Embassy.

The visa examination process may take more than a month. Upon receiving the package, please take all of the contents and apply for a visa at the Japanese Embassy / Consulate General in your own country (region) or country (region) of residence at your earliest convenience.

IMPORTANT: Applying for a visa does not guarantee that your visa will be issued. We are not liable for the rejection of your application. If you are unable to attend the meeting due to a delay or failure in obtaining a visa, your registration fee will not be refunded.

If you have further questions regarding the visa application procedure, or require further information, please contact us at icmfs2021@okicongre.jp.